Running back Derrius Guice already has become a man of the people, it seems, in only one month of being a Washington Redskin.

It’s too early to have a foregone conclusion on what any rookie might do in his first season. Most players should look good in the spring; they’re at their healthiest and no one is in pads.

Redskins Finally Have Their Running Back

It’s impossible to speculate how Guice will develop as a player. Thus far he looks patient, but decisive when he cuts. But what happens when the defenders are in full pads and going a lot harder than they are in the spring? We won’t get a taste of that until the preseason games begin in two months. In college, Guice ran with violence; more of the same is expected with the Redskins, but who knows to what degree.

Whatever the case, the Redskins finally have a bona fide top-tier running back.

Is Guice A Speed Or Power Back – Or Both?

Derrius Guice might be the best runner in the draft. He’s probably not the best overall player at the position – that distinction goes to Saquon Barkley, hands down. But as a runner, it’s hard to find a better one in this class. From his balance, body control, explosiveness and strength, he can do it all with the ball in his hands. He finishes his runs violently and repeatedly runs through contract. That’s exactly what you want your top running backs to do.