The Wizards completed their Summer League outing by limping to a 1-4 record. This probably means less than preseason football, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t learn anything.

By Evan Redmon, July 27, 2018

Wizards Summer League ends with three players standing out

Wizards Summer League Action – It’s a Wrap

The Wizards Summer League in finished Las Vegas wrapped up last week.

Before I get started, I know people like Las Vegas, but is it the best idea to go to the desert southwest in July?

Anyway, where were we? Are yes, Wizards Summer League.

The record is entirely irrelevant, so don’t let the 1-4 result get you down. This trip to Sin City was all about – or mostly about – one player.

That guy would be the Wizards first round draft pick, Troy Brown Jr. According to the Wizards website Brown…

“…stood out from the beginning in his hometown. Most importantly, he improved as the week went on and finished averaging just over 18 points and nearly seven rebounds per game.”

I know we can’t exactly project stats from Summer League into the regular season, but 18 points a game is none too shabby. The one thing we all have to wonder is, will Brown get the kind of minutes in the regular season to approach those numbers?

That’s a another topic for another time.

Troy Brown Jr. was the main focus of the Wizards Summer League

The NBA is a young man’s league

The other worry about Brown is that he’s just a pup.

Not that guys coming out of four years of college necessarily have any kind of advanced maturity, but Troy Brown Jr. is 18 years old, although he will turn 19 about 30 minutes after I post this article.

If I recall my 18th year on this planet, I was not ready for adulthood. Few are.

But such is the NBA. The league has been this way for a long time.

Brown, the 6′ 7″ small forward was the Wizards’ 15th overall pick in the 2018 draft. The Wizards are counting on him to compliment the talented roster that includes John Wall, Bradley Beal, and now Dwight Howard. If Brown can bring that A game to the regular season, the Wizards might just be on to something.

Wizards Summer League besides Troy Brown Jr.

Yes, there were other guys too on the court for the Wizards.


Devin Robinson in 2017

Devin Robinson, in his second year with the organization, actually outshined Brown. He averaged more points per game (about 20) and shot 52 percent from the field.

There was also Thomas Bryant, who the Wizards picked up from the Lakers off waivers about a month ago. Known as a shooter who can create his own shot. He averaged just over 15 PPG with a very respectable 59-percent shooting percentage from the floor.

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