The Redskins 2019 season opener is just a few hours away. Here are some of the stories to watch.

Awesome News About Everything

There’s no telling when Jordan will be back on the field, but he didn’t travel with the team to Philadelphia.

The concussion he suffered in the 3rd preseason game – the result of a hit from Atlanta Falcons safety Keanu Neil which drew a $28,000 fine – is perhaps the seventh of his college and pro career.


The Redskins left side of the O-line consists of Donald Penn at tackle and Ereck flowers at guard. Zero people on planet Earth could have possibly predicted that a year ago. Zero people on planet Earth also think highly of that combination.

All fans shall be forgiven for staring with extreme discomfort as the 35-year-old Penn and the reclamation project Flowers struggle on nearly every offensive play.

Expect a run heavy game plan with lots of steaming hot Case Keenum dink and dunk action. Throw in a heavy dose of screens and passes to Chris Thompson. Marvel at the 4-yard Keenum scramble on 4rd and 7 in the red zone with no time outs. Stuff like that is just too Redskinsy not to happen.

It would be cool if…

  • Montez Sweat turned out to be a complete monster, or at the very least, a little tiny bit of a monster. It might be a little bit later in the season until we find this out. Ryan Anderson is currently ahead of Sweat on the depth chart, so it remains to be seen how many snaps he will get in the opener.
  • Derrius Guice turns out to be exactly who Derrius Guice was supposed to be last year.
  • Landon Collins gives us all a good reason to feel excited about his presence in the defensive backfield for the next few years.
  • ILB Jon Bostic makes everyone forget about Ruben Foster.
  • Somebody at WR puts a little pep in the step of the Redskins receiver corps. If that somebody turns out to be Terry McLaurin, the coolness rating increases by at least 17 percent.
You know, that would be cool

The Redskins Can Beat The Eagles. Just Don’t Bet On It.

Skins fans who watched the Packers and the Bears slog out a defensive snooze fest in the Thursday’s opener may take some cold comfort in knowing that the Redskins could force the Eagles into a similar type of game. That’s probably the only way the Redskins can possibly go into Philadelphia and upset this Eagles team – a team which surely has Super Bowl aspirations.

With a little bit of help on special teams and a timely turnover, It is not completely outside the realm of possibility that the Redskins could start with a victory, unlikely though it does seem.

Redskins fans may want to brace for impact however. This one could get out of hand just as easily as it could get bogged down. Smart money is on the Eagles covering the ten-point spread.

Eagles 27

Redskins 9