About a dozen or so relevant tweets with added commentary to get you updated on Redskins Training Camp News, in case you can’t just sit on your butt and watch your twitter feed all day like I can.

By Evan Redmon, July 26, 2018

Redskins Training Camp News, As Seen Through The Eyes Of Twitter

Redskins Training News is upon us.

In this world of instant everything, Twitter is our best friend right now. Beat reporters and fans alike can take videos with their cell phones – you probably knew that – and make us feel like we’re in Richmond watching all the action.

So here are all the Tweets I could find which I also deemed worthy. I’ll make relevant/snarky along the way.


The most anticipated player at Redskins training camp is undoubtedly Derrius Guice, who Jay Gruden called “Strong strong strong”.

So he’s strong, then? Right.

Kind of amazing when you think about it. The Redskins signed a free agent quarterback who led the NFL in passer rating last season.

Normally, that would absolutely dominate the Redskins Training Camp news cycle.

This year, however, all anyone wants to talk about is the 2nd round draft pick from LSU.

Speaking of that Alex Smith guy, here he is, making his first appearance on the camp fields.

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The big Redskins Training Camp news that happened even before things got off the ground – other than a table falling on Joshua Holsey’s toe – was when Jay Gruden revealed that oft-injured Josh Doctson had an MRI yesterday on his trick achilles tendon.

But apparently, as these tweets show, it was all much ado about nothing.

Speaking of oft-injured players, the best Redskins Training Camp news anyone could receive is that Jordan Reed is healthy. Here he is playing with a soccer ball that Josh Norman brought onto the field.

The Redskins offense is obviously a much more potent machine with a healthy Reed. Let’s hope he kicks on on the field this season.

Reed did more than just play futbol. He played football. Sort of.

Creator of the first Redskins blog ever, Rich Tandler, was on point with your ‘need to know’ stuff. We expect nothing less from the Godfather of Redskins blogging.

I mentioned Josh Norman brought a soccer ball to camp? He’s pals with Swedish soccer sensation Zlatan Ibrahimovic and pretty much loves soccer, so this makes sense.

Here’s another shot of Alex Smith coming on to the training field. Because why not.

The Undrafted Free Agent I am most looking forward to seeing is this guy, Martez Carter. Quick as quick can be. We highlighted him in an article last week, along with 2 other UDFAs who have a real shot at making the Redskins this year.

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Louis Riddick, a former Redskins front office employee, is still such a Redskins homer. Gotta love it.

Always like to see the offense clicking early.