FULL PADS ALERT! Cracks were heard as players collided on the first day of full pads. Football is really here. Catch up on tweets, videos and more in today’s Tweet Sheet.

By Evan Redmon, July 28, 2018

Lots of action from Redskins Training Camp Day 4. 

Redskins Training Camp Day 4

At, the sound of plastic polycarbonate plastics smashing into each other – echoes of this could be heard throughout Redskins Training Camp Day 4. There was even an Oklahoma Drill to whet your appetite.

Seems like Gruden cut the practice a little short because, like always, guys were a little dinged up. Guys are more or less in a constant state of being a little dinged up in the NFL. I’ve learned not to get upset about it. It’s like getting upset at traffic.

Anyway, on to the action

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Yes, it’s full pads today. Huzzah!

Jordan Reed continues to look good coming back from toe surgery. You have been granted permission to become cautiously optimistic, Redskins fans.

More Jordan Reed and some Morgan Moses info from ESPN Redskins beat reporter John Keim.

I am going to try and pretend I knew that Ryan Kerrigan is close to deaf in one ear.

My story is, I remember hearing that a while back and just forgot about it, which is entirely possible. I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday, mainly because I skipped lunch bringing you all this Twitter goodness (true story).

Interesting rotations at kick returner. Perine? Not bloody likely. What about my favorite UDFA, Martez Cater? He kicked ass and took names as a KR at Grambling. Why wouldn’t you at least have him back there as part of the rotation?

Me no gets.

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Someone feels like dancing. Hopefully he sacks better than he dances.


How about some tweets about Alex Smith, you ask? Your wish is my command.

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Awwwww. No need to watch cat videos on YouTube today, we’ve got your cuteness RIGHT HERE.

Redskins Training Camp Day 2

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