Like most, Redskins Training Camp had its share of good and bad. Sucky injury news – but nothing too serious – was offset by good injury news. And Derrius Guice is apparently still awesome. Read the tweet sheet!

By Evan Redmon, July 28, 2018

All the tweets you need today from Redskins Training Camp Day 3

Redskins Training Camp Day 3

The one thing no one wants to see at training camp – any training camp – is injuries. However, they happen every year.

It’s the nature of the sport. If you can’t deal with injuries, then I suggest watching baseball. Obviously, the Nationals never have any injuries.

That was sarcasm. Just so you know. Some people’s sarcasm detectors are less powerful than others.

On to the tweets from Redskins training camp day 3.


… and then

Ah hell to the no.

In more uplifting news, Jordan Reed is not one of those guys. Not really anyway.

No tweet sheet would be complete without Derrius Guice looking sweet.

Let’s ignore that thing about Scherff, shall we? Pics or it didn’t happen. And I’ve got no pics.

The D-Line is still showing up, just like yesterday, even with a man down (more on that in a sec). Specifically, there were several tweets about the D-line stuffing the runs. This was my particular favorite:

You know who else is showing up?

DJ Swearinger, that’s who.

Ok, time for our regular segment:

Depressing AF Injury News from Redskins Training Camp Day 3

Zach Brown, Ryan Anderson

The news quickly got better for Zach Brown.

But no so much form Daron Payne

Keep Calm and Carry On, Redskins fans. It will be ok.

That time when your little brother goes to your same school on day one:

We all forgot about Phil Taylor, didn’t we? I sort of did.

I predicted in our second podcast, a few weeks ago, that Trey Quinn would make the team. Before anyone else did. I’d like an award or something. A cookie would be fine.

Gruden impressed with 5th round pick Tim Settle. He will help offset the Daron Payne injury. Blessing in disguise? In any event, it means more reps for the former Hokie.

Here’s our obligatory Rich Tandler tweet, here talking about Alex Smith:

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Some O-line drills for your viewing pleasure.

Some WR drills, also for pleasure (no business on Saturdays):

Jay Gruden secretly wishes he was young enough to still play. Or not so secretly.

I followed somebody named Kennedy Painter about a week ago. I’m glad I did, because the tweets are the sweets:

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