All the Tweets that are Fit to Print from the Redskins Training Camp Day 2. Conveniently Located in One Place for Your Viewing Pleasure. Snark commentary added and no extra cost to you.

By Evan Redmon, July 27, 2018

Redskins Training Camp Day 2: Offense Wins Some, Defense Wins Some, Doctson Looks Particularly Good

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Redskins Training Camp Day 2 is halfway in the books.

But really it’s over. Why?

Because the afternoon walkthroughs are total snoozefests.

When I covered the Redskins for another blog back in the day, I would stay at Richmond for 2 weeks, dutifully soaking up and transmitting all I saw. But after a while, I started to skip the afternoon walkthroughs – maybe get a few photos but that’s it – and just sit in the A/C of the press room and write my posts.

Folks, when they say walkthroughs, they emphasize the word WALK. It’s literally dudes walking.

Speaking of A/C: when I left the house today to get water at the store a few blocks away – if you live in DC then you know why I was walking to a store to get water – it was so hot outside already at 9AM I was basic like this:

So it’s Beelzebub-type hot in DC at 9AM just walking to the store in shorts and flip flops. Imagine what it’s like in central Virginia for guys running around in full uniforms, helmets, and pads.

Sometimes I feel like these guys really earn their money. And this will probably go a long way to getting them into football shape.

Anyway, let’s get to the tweets.

Redskins Training Camp Day 2 has indeed begun. Thanks Kareem for the razor sharp insight.

J/K Kareem, we love you, keep tweeting these nice shots from camp.

Jay Gruden’s pressers were always better than ol’ Shannypants. And it’s good to see the guys feeling confident. Better than the alternative.

Depressing AF injury news from Redskins Training Camp Day 2

Actually, it’s all pretty good. Nothing that any other team isn’t facing. However, Joshua Holsey apparently doesn’t have a toe anymore, so that’s less than ideal.

Is any Redskins fan not man-and-woman crush-a-fied with Derrius Guice yet? Let’s hope his play is as intense as the love his getting from the Redskins faithful.

JP, you forgot to end your tweet with [/sarcasm]

The defensive backs look better than expected. Since it’s day 2 of training camp, this means that everything will be awesome all season long.

No – no one is questioning our defense, anymore than usual, that is. But look – it’s training camp. You really, and I mean REALLY, cannot judge what you see too seriously. Every player will make a successful play at some point.

Here’s some good stuff from Pro Football Focus. If you don’t subscribe to their YouTube Channel, you really owe it to yourself to do so. Here’s a link to their Skins training camp primer. 

And Here’s a tweet about Alex Smith that you may find interesting. Alex Smith was PFF’s #1 rated deep ball passer last year. No more Captain Checkdown.

Here are some random tweets from Redskins Training Camp Day 2 that I was too lazy to put into any category.

Now for the good stuff. I’ve been saying all summer long that Doctson WOULD turn the corner and be the guy the Redskins drafted him to be. Early returns are positive.

Another thing to get excited about? Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen don’t appear to be interested in letting running backs get loose.

Aaaaaaaand last but not least, my favorite Redskins UDFA, Martez Carter. I’m thinking this guy makes the team and Fat ROb doesn’t.

Redskins Training Camp Day 2