Nationals series of errors: In a 162-game season, it helps to break things up into manageable tasks, such as winning series. The Nats are in a black hole of failure in that regard.

By Evan Redmon, July 25, 2018

Another Nationals series loss: team beats Brewers 7-3 to keep from getting swept

The Nationals Series record has taken a precipitous turn for the worse in the past month or so.

Of course, if you’ve been following the Nats on a regular basis, this won’t surprise you. But what it surprising is just how bad it’s been.

On June 8th, Washington started a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants, at home. They lost the first, won the second, lost the third.

This has been their overriding pattern ever since.

Including that Giants series, the Nationals series record is 2-9-2 during that span. The two series they won were against the Baltimore Orioles and the Miami Marlins.

Basically the two worst teams in baseball, or close to it.

— On a side note, the Baltimore Orioles, once DC’s de facto hometown team, are now in fact the very worst team in baseball. In all of baseball, including the minor leagues.

If that makes you feel any better.

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This picture is somehow representative of the Nationals entire season. It’s just … off.

Against good teams and bad, the Nationals series record is about the same

When the Nationals played their interleague series, they really soiled the bed.


They were swept by the Red Sox and the Blue Jays – swept by the Blue Jays.  Were it not for the dramatic heroics of Juan Soto in their middle contest against the Yankees, the Nationals series games against those three teams would have been a downright horrific 0-9.

Not that 1-8 is much better.

When the competition is lousy, and the bottom dwelling teams like the New York Mets are on the docket, the results are generally a 1-2  series loss.

At this point, it’s fair to say that Dave Martinez might not make it to a second season. That’s another topic for another day.

But it’s also fair to say that Martinez definitely seems to have forgotten to bring that Joe Maddon magic with him.

There’s still plenty of time left to right the ship by starting to win these series. Against those struggling teams – at least start there. But right now, we can see the ship’s hull pretty well from here.

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