Fading CB remains on the active roster despite logging almost zero snaps. Why is that?

Its hard, thankless work being a Redskins fan.

Here we are in the midst of yet another dreadful season-chock full of bloopers, boners and bungles. Where to begin? 

How about we start with Josh Norman? Seems as good a place as any. I’ll go first: WHY ON EARTH IS HE ON THE ACTIVE ROSTER??

For the past several weeks, the former ‘big splash’ free agent signee CB has – finally! Thank you, Jesus – been benched for basically not having starting NFL cornerback chops any longer. This has provided Fabian Moreau the opportunity to start at CB where has collected three interceptions in Norman’s place.

Moreau had previously been struggling as the Skins nickel/slot corner. Now he seems to have found his groove on the outside. That’s great, right? Well … yes, but like always with Dan Snyder’s Redskins, something doesn’t smell too good in the back of the fridge.

Josh Norman’s time with the Redskins – and as an NFL starter – is essentially over

Benching Norman was the right thing to do. It is plain to see that Mister Bull Jumper is now a liability in one-on-one coverage. The problem is, the team has no intention to play him at all; not as a starter, a backup, or even a situational package player. He’s logged less than 10 snaps since his demotion, and most of those were on special teams, where he was laughably disinterested.

We’re on a sliding scale here, folks. Norman logged ZERO snaps in last week’s loss to the Packers – a game in which both of the Skins starting corners left the game due to injuries. Riddle me that.

All this would be fine if no one ever heard of Josh Norman – if he didn’t talk all that talk, if he didn’t post videos of his European bull molesting adventures, if he didn’t make $30,000 per game just to exist on the active roster (a $500k roster bonus kicks in if he dresses for all 16 games). He accounts for $14M in salary cap dollars – over seven percent of the entire team for this one ducking guy.

Either activate him and give him legit backup snaps at least, or get him off the pot, Redskins. What are you even doing? What are you ever doing?

And while we’re at it, why are the two highest paid players on the darn team NOT EVEN PLAYING? What other team has ever operated this way, with their two highest paid players – both healthy – not getting any snaps? Ridiculous.

It takes two to tango, and I get it – players can be prima donnas sometimes. But damn, Snyder and Allen. You guys are doing some serious pooch screwing up in Ashburn.

Meanwhile, viable players have recently fallen onto the active roster, seemingly from outer space. Outside LB Chris Odom immediately jumps to mind; he logged two sacks in the Skins victory over the panthers 2 weeks ago. Had you heard of Chris Odom before the Panthers game? Come on. Be honest.

Most teams know how to take advantage of good fortune like this. In their infinite wisdom, however, the Redskins left Odom off the active roster for the Green Bay game – for guess who? Oh yeah – @J_No24 needs his $30k for a harpooning adventure in Boracay during the offseason.

Dan Snyder is no genius, but he knows leverage when he sees it

With no intent to play Norman – and absolutely no chance for Norman to be a part of next year’s team – why is he taking up space? He’s being placated by upper management, of course.

After Trent Williams blasted the Redskins in the Washington Post, Snyder wants to make sure Norman gets paid for doing essentially nothing, in the hope that he’ll keep his mouth shut on the inner workings on the organization once he leaves (in a month, for good). Basically, Norman has Ashburn by the balls.

Good look keeping Josh Norman quiet. Pay the man, Danny. Might as well play him while you’re at it.