John Wall and his Wizards colleagues have traded stacked barbs about Wall’s offensive contribution on more than one occasion this past season. Wall conveyed the most profoundly charged snippet, suggesting that Marcin Gortat gets “spoon fed” easy layups, and that he ostensibly should be happy about that.

Apparently, Wall and Gortat weren’t copacetic on the other side of the ball, either.


According to a recent article from NBC sports, things got more than heated between the Polish Hammer and the one-time Kentucky star. Here’s what ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had to say about it:

My sources tell me, obviously earlier in the year, Gortat had a real big-time issue with John Wall as teammates with the Washington Wizards. Scott Brooks constantly allowing folks to switch all the time instead of manning up and forcing them to guard folks, because Scott Brooks is known for not liking confrontation, basically took heat off individual players by allowing switches to take place every second. As a result, because John Wall wasn’t considered somebody too eager to guard anybody, Gortat found himself in the precarious situations of having to guard guards – quicker, smaller players. He’s older, clearly devoid of the lateral movement that will enable him to guard guys, was lamenting the fact that he was put in bad situations by John Wall’s lack of defense, said so in a team meeting. John Wall turned around and M.F.ed him to death. From that moment forward, Gortat wanted out of Washington.

Gortat, as everyone now knows, was traded to the Clippers.