Washington brings a 99-MPH fastball throwing minor leaguer in from the Royals farm system while bidding farewell to Brian Goodwin.

By Evan Redmon, July 22, 2018

Jacob Condra-Bogan trade for Brian Goodwin comes while Nationals sit around and wait for the rain to clear.

If you were taking a nap on this lazy Sunday afternoon while “watching” the British Open, and someone woke you up to tell you about a Jacob Condra-Bogan trade, you’d probably smack that person.

Then you’d ask, “Who?”

And if you were thinking that the Royals might make a Jacob Condra-Bogan trade for Nationals outfielder Brian Goodwin, pat yourself on the back. Play the lotto. Maybe go outside at least once this week.

So this is not exactly Michael A. Taylor and a prospect for Chris Archer. That’s kind of the trade we wanted to see.

But hey, at least it is now clear that Mike Rizzo and the Nats are in the mood to wheel and deal.

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Unless you work for the Royals, you had no idea what Jacob Condra-Bogan looked like. Now you do.

  • Games: 144
  • Plate Appearances: 401
  • Avg: .246
  • Runs: 51
  • Hits: 88
  • Home Runs: 16
  • RBI: 47
  • Slugging: .464
  • OBP: .315
  • OPS: .779

What’s to be excited about the Jacob Condra-Bogan trade?

Well, the first thing that jumps out is his 99 MPH fastball.

On most of his meaty speed throws, he hits 95 MPH without losing control of the strike zone. It’s the off occasion where his velocity flirts with triple digits.

Despite a vigorous search on my Google machine, I was unable to determine what his other pitches were. One has to assume he has a breaking ball of some sort and can take the edge of his #1 pitch. Additionally, he had a 2.08 ERA in 16 games with 26 innings pitched in the Royals farm system.

I’m starting to get a strong relief pitcher vibe from Condra-Bogan. Maybe Nats pitching coach Derek Lilliquist can get something out of him to turn him into a viable member of the rotation, but it just doesn’t feel like it.

Oh, almost forgot: the Nats reclaimed erstwhile pitcher Sammy Solis from the minors in a corresponding move to the Jacob Condra-Bogan trade. Solis has had more stints on the DL/reassignments than we’d care to mention, and his 4.50 ERA from earlier this season doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

In other words, this wasn’t the starting pitching help we were looking for. Mike Rizzo needs to continue to go about his business. Move along.

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One last thing about the Jacob Condra-Bogan trade

He’s got a good story, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I  always root for guys who had it tougher than most people can imagine when they were growing up, and Condra-Bogan certainly fits that description. He was in the foster care system for years before finally settling in with the Bogan family, where he took the second half of his hyphenated last name.

Check out the embedded video below to hear him tell his story.